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Introduction to Survivor-Defined Advocacy and Safety Planning

Introduction to Survivor-Defined Advocacy and Safety Planning is a web-based training for domestic violence advocates. The goal of this training is to introduce domestic violence advocates to survivor-defined advocacy and survivor-centered safety planning strategies, a more effective approach to conducting safety planning with domestic violence victims. We employ the term survivor to acknowledge the day-to-day actions taken by domestic violence victims that helps them strategize against the abuse of their partners. This web-based training includes the following sections:

  • Popular Advocacy Models
  • The Public Construction of “Ideal Victims”: How a Movement Built an Image
  • Safety Planning with Domestic Violence Victims
  • Developing Strong Partnerships with Survivors
  • Conducting a Lethality Assessment 
  • Creating Woman-Defined Advocacy Environments
  • From Inquiry to Documentation: How to Honor Survivor Voices

This web-based training will provide a more in-depth examination and explanation of these topics, which are premised on the literature of leading domestic violence advocates such as Jill Davies. The training will engage several technological modalities including animation videos, PowerPoint videos, and interactive exercises.

The actual amount of time it will take to complete will vary by person but the average participant will spend approximately 3.5 - 4 hours on it. This course may be completed in one sitting or you may take it in pieces, completing only what you have time to do and returning to it later. The system will retain your work and remind you of where you left off.

If you are pursuing this web-based training to obtain ICDVP CEUs, please know that you will gain 4 clock hours at the completion of the training. 

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