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 Advanced Domestic Violence Training for Law Enforcement


The Advanced Domestic Violence Training for Law Enforcement is to be considered the second day of a two-day training for law enforcement officers and dispatchers. This portion of the training includes the following sections:

  • Review of Day One Training
  • Best Practices in Responding to Calls Related to Domestic Violence
  • Orders of Protection/Civil No Contact Orders/Stalking No Contact Orders
  • Barriers to Victim Safety
  • Community Resources

This web-based portion of the training covers some of the same materials that were highlighted in the Day One in-person training. However, this training will provide a more in-depth examination and explanation of the topics than that offered during the Day One training. The primary goals of this training are: to promote both officer and victim safety, to increase the effectiveness of investigations related to domestic violence, to promote the use of options and resources for victim safety, and to improve the participants’ understanding of cultural diversity. The training will engage several technological modalities including animation videos, PowerPoint videos, and interactive exercises.

This portion of the training is the equivalent of a 7-hour in-person training.  The actual amount of time it will take to complete will vary by person but the average participant will spend approximately 3.5 hours on it. This course may be completed in one sitting or you may take it in pieces, completely only what you have time to do and returning to it later. The system will retain your work and remind you of where you left off.


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