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Who wouldn't want to live a life filled with joy? Who wouldn't want to experience that inner happiness and a carefree, cheerful, chirpy feeling deep within? Am sure all of us want to be in this state, no matter what the situation is, but very few can actually do it. More often than not, we succumb to life's pressures and circumstances. We blame the external world - friends, family, spouses, colleagues and other situations in life for our unhappiness. We fail to realize that our happiness is completely in our control. It's within "us". That's exactly what the author Sheri describes in her book on how you can claim that ever wanting joy, passion, zest and energy in your life.

no greater joy ministriesShe says -

"Whatever you think about and internalize in your heart, is what you become"...
"If you truly wrap your arms around this idea of how we shape our lives based on our thoughts, you hold the key to unlocking amazing transformative power in your life"

I have always heard about the power of positive thinking and how it can influence our lives to a great extent. But some of the books I have read so far have had very high level theories which I could not relate to. Sheri, in her book talks about how each of us can use positive affirmations effectively to overcome difficulties and even change our personality traits. It's all about training your mind to think in a certain way. Just by repeating a statement a few times can change your outlook in life. It's that simple! That's why they say - You are what you think you are. If you have any thoughts regarding wherever and how to use ngj ministries, you can contact us at our own web page. We just have to be aware of how to program our mind and what thoughts to feed in...

Sheri writes through her experiences on how she has used simple positive affirmation statements in her daily life to overcome tragedies and embrace that true inner joy. As soon I as read a few chapters , I mailed Sheri about my thoughts and she was very sweet and promptly replied to me on how to go about using this technique effectively. I could relate to her ideas to a great extent and that's why I found this book to be very healing. The best part is that the book does not give you any complicated theories but very simple things that you can implement in your day to day life and see the changes in your personality and the quality of life!

I just strongly believe in Sheri's approach and her ideas and that's why I loved the book. But I also realize that thought its simple, it's not been very easy to make these changes and I can see that it takes genuine effort!

If you are feeling low, looking to change some aspects in your life and want to know how to tap into that inner joy or if you are just looking to read something very inspirational, I highly recommend this book!

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