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Samsora Riverside Apartment Job Tan Vehicle Binh Duong.

projectThe nursery bridegroom happy family. Satisfaction to create a warm family
for reputable Samland traders. With 1,136 apartments rentals included in a closed organic as high as 15,000 rectangular meters, Samsora Riverside Tan Binh Apartment job is recognized as one of the most significant projects in your community. The apartment is situated at the gate East Saigon, next to the Metro No. 1. From it easy to hook up with the location center as Region 1, Ben Thanh market. Surrounding the Samsora apartment task is also something of exterior convenience, abundant and modern, such as Big C, Lotte
Mart school, college level 1,2,3, Thu Duc College or university, Dong Nai International Children's Medical center. Samland Buyer dedicates his heart and soul to make a renewable living environment for TP residents. The task covers the region of trees, normal water surface up to 9000 m2 - this area is the major in your community. So every person in your dear family will love the new, cool liveable space. You won't be astonished by the colourful paintings coated from the hands of the accomplished architects of the Samsara Riverside apartment task Tan Binh.


The Samsora Riverside apartment job is positioned in Quyet Thang one fourth, Binh Thang ward, Di An town,
Binh Duong province right at the north-east gate of Ho Chi Minh City.
Total area: 14,405.8 m?
Construction thickness: 39%
Apartment area: from 32 m? - 58 m?
Park green, drinking water surface up to 9000 m?
Level of the task: 3 towers with 23 surfaces, 1,136 apartments rentals.
Trader: Samland
Company: (builder)
Construction improvement: Construction is going to begin.

Location of Samsara Riverside apartment job in the North East of Ho Chi Minh City.

Samsora Riverside is positioned in KP. Quyet Thang, Binh Thang Ward, Di An, Binh Duong at the gateway to the North East of Ho Chi Minh City, where in fact the intersection of Dong Nai river and winding street along the key highway Hanoi residents easily hook up to the major metropolitan centers of Ho Chi Minh City. . The leading location of the property is at easy reach of Samsara Riverside's primary location, simply a few minutes' drive to the neighboring areas.



* Samsora Riverside Pool - 300m2 - where you can swim at the feet.
* The playground, a shady inexperienced walkway, provides you relaxing occasions and collective space
Morning with oxygen.
* Children play area next to kindergarten, your son or daughter has an appropriate play space.
* Restaurant, cafe - where in fact the entire family enjoy delightful Asian and Western food and coffee
* Health club room is spacious, modern equipment, where you practice every day for standard body.

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